WE!Hub Victoria Limited (WeTu) is a social enterprise that uses solar energy to provide mobility, power, and a range of “energy for productive use” services and products to households, entrepreneurs and small enterprises in the rural areas of Western Kenya. WeTu operates 15+ so called Water-Energy-Hubs where solar energy is generated and provided to the community through services such as battery charging for electric mobility and irrigation, for cooling solutions, water purification and other services to improve living standards in rural Kenya.

WeTu operates in a non-profitable manner, as benefiting society comes prior to the own economic interest. We have a growth mindset and work directly with our clients and experts from around the world to learn and innovate through feedback and research. This ensures that our products and services meet real needs. Our innovations solve problems in order to deliver better solutions and better lives.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

WeTu has carried out technical testing and piloting of a number of electrical vehicles, mainly two- and three-wheelers in the rough areas of rural Western Kenya and has developed different business models on the approach of sharing economy. With this experience, WeTu acts as a partner for technical testing of the charging infrastructure, battery technology and the vehicles themselves in the rural areas under real conditions.