TUX mobility is an innovative startup in sustainable last-mile logistics, pioneering a solar-powered cargo vehicle that redefines efficiency. With an impressive 5 cubic meters of storage, their solution meets the rising demand for effective last-mile deliveries.

Experience the benefits with TUX: extended range, increased uptime, and a reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Their commitment to breaking free from range limitations fuels growth in the industry, propelled by the harnessing of free solar energy.

Thanks to their innovative Vehicle Integrated PV technology and streamlined production process, they can rapidly and cost-effectively produce integrated photovoltaics, ensuring exceptional efficiency in mobile applications (like vehicles).

Their initial focus on the most demanding vehicle category, encompassing low-cost three-wheelers designed for rugged road conditions, has led them to a groundbreaking milestone with extensive opportunities for all vehicle categories.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

TUX is one of the innovative OEMs in this consortium, specialised in the development of LEVs (L-class) integrating innovative solutions. TUX will build demonstration vehicles with integrated GIANTS components and systems. They aim to implement GIANTS technology as a new standard for their solar-powered L5 vehicles. Also, TUX has experience in cooperation with partners in emerging countries both as regards the use of their vehicle solutions in urban logistics as well as co-operation for local manufacturing.