SQUAD Mobility


Squad Mobility develops the Squad, World’s first Solar City Car for sharing and private use. The Squad is a solution for urban emissions, congestion and parking problems.

The mission of Squad Mobility is to offer affordable sustainable mobility for everybody, everywhere.
The Squad charges its swappable batteries on direct solar energy from the solar panel on its own roof as well as directly from the grid.

The Squad is an affordable Solar Electric Car, designed to be an inclusive and modular solution to as many people as possible generating the most impact possible. Due to the extreme efficiency and low energy and materials usage, we generate a very low impact. The Squad is a unique high-tech package combining energy generation, energy storage and energy usage in one single autonomous vehicle that can be tailored to and assembled in the target geographic region.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

Squad Mobility will lead the components integration and build of the Squad prototypes and vehicles for the various pilots, especially targeted at personal urban transport for EU cities. Squad Mobility will represent the OEM’s point of view with the market research, requirements definition and management and contribute to the component and system optimisation in a modular solution.