Solbian was born from the shared vision of Giovanni Soldini, the renowned Italian sailor, and Marco Bianucci, an accomplished physicist. Their goal was to revolutionize competitive sailing boats by integrating photovoltaic technology.
The journey began in the nautical world, where they aimed to develop flexible solar panels capable of withstanding the dynamic movements of the boats. Over time, Solbian expanded its horizons, leveraging industrial resources and harnessing the expertise of talented individuals. This multidisciplinary approach fueled the continuous technological advancements in module design and control electronics, paving the way for diverse applications.
Through unwavering dedication, Solbian has solidified its position as a prominent player in the photovoltaic industry. Building on this success, the company has set its sights on a new aspiration: promoting sustainable mobility powered by solar energy. Their focus extends beyond sailing to encompass areas such as transportation, aiming to drive positive change for a greener future.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

Solbian stands as a contributor to the GIANT Project through its expertise in crafting advanced photovoltaic panels. These panels serve as highly efficient solar energy harvesters, converting sunlight into a renewable power source for the project’s battery. Solbian’s innovative design not only harnesses solar energy but also significantly extends the project’s range with solar kilometers. This pioneering approach ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly solution, enabling the GIANT Project to operate seamlessly and efficiently while minimizing environmental impact. Solbian’s commitment to renewable energy integration contributes in advancing the project’s goals for sustainable, long-range exploration.