POLIS – Cities and Regions for Transport Innovation


POLIS is the leading network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport. The goal is to improve local transport through integrated strategies that address the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of transport. To this end, we support the exchange of experience and the transfer of knowledge between European local and regional authorities and other mobility stakeholders such as industry, research centres and universities, and NGOs.
To make research and innovation in transport accessible to cities and regions, POLIS promotes cooperation and partnerships across Europe, POLIS fosters cooperation and partnerships across Europe. That is why we actively support the participation of our members in European projects. Our expertise allows us to create a framework which facilitates dialogue and exchange between local authorities, the transport research community and industry.
POLIS strives to provide decision-makers with the necessary information and tools for making sustainable mobility a reality.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

POLIS will lead the assessment of stakeholder needs, concerns and acceptance of L-vehicles, supporting GIANTS’ contribution to social, environmental and economic benefits and the integration of innovative vehicle concepts in sustainable urban mobility. By assessing and identifying gaps in the legal, market and regulatory framework POLIS will support the definition of suitable business models for mobility systems based on the GIANTS platform. POLIS will use its network to establish a multi-actor policy dialogue involving regulatory & standardisation bodies, policy makers including local and regional authorities, and expert groups, bringing the project’s findings into effective guidelines and policy recommendations.