IESTA is a non-university, SME-sized research institute with a network of dedicated experts in the fields of Smart Mobility, Automated Driving, Road Safety & Cybersecurity.

As such, IESTA has been involved as initiator, supporter and partner in numerous cooperative R&D projects on national and European level. IESTA is not only active in the field of road transport, but also in the rail and aviation sectors. This allows for a strong cross-domain view and expertise, and the resulting fruitful transfer of knowhow. The IESTA experts have a proven track record in basic and applied research, technology and innovation in industry, academia and public bodies, thus providing a comprehensive understanding of the different stakeholders.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

IESTA is contributing to GIANTS by leading the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation work package, based on years of experience in other national and European R&D projects. We are also contributing to the Demonstration & Evaluation work package by providing our expertise in the field of Cost Calculation and Evaluation.