i2m is a research-based technology development and innovation consulting company and was founded in 2014 in Graz, Austria.

i2m focuses on helping its clients grow through strategy, innovation and technology, whether through technologies and products developed in-house, or through strategy and innovation consulting provided in cooperation with the world-renowned Cambridge University (UK). The name “i2m” – innovation to market – embodies what the company is all about: developing innovations until they are a market success.

i2m is active in two business areas: as an engineering company in product and technology development (including its own products/ solutions, e.g., “High Performance Latent Heat Storage” for automotive applications, a system simulation tool for components sizing in early development stage), and as a management consultancy focusing on strategy, technology, and innovation management.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

Focusing on the design and optimisation of frugal power train concepts, I2m will support the optimisation of architectures using energy-based system simulation technology. i2m will also contribute technology-oriented innovation management tools and methods for product and service development based on a holistic understanding of technology. Furthermore, i2m will facilitate how stakeholder needs and mission suitability metrics can be used together in an efficient way to conceptualise system architectures at a very early stage design stage, thereby unlocking additional market opportunities.