HiWi tronics


HiWiTronics has been developing and manufacturing prototypes of control and power electronic components as well as communication, sensor and control units in the field of embedded systems for several years. With an extensive network of partners and contacts ranging from science to industry, customised solutions for wireless communication, sensor technology and energy harvesting are developed. HiWiTronics is an Austrian SME.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

HiWiTronics will provide a “right shaped”, customised and hence ultra-low cost IoT-hardware-solution for the communication of all relevant vehicle data to a cloud. HiWiTronics will develop a full software stack that provides an interface to the Valeo vehicle VCU and an interface connected to a cloud-solution storing all the data generated by the vehicle fleet. HiWiTronics will also provide in-depth knowledge of IOT devices, helping to significantly accelerate the planned project progress.