Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta (


The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta ( is an independent, voluntary, non-profit and public-purpose foundation. The Foundation is a research and knowledge dissemination organisation as well as a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO). It is strongly committed to promoting the advancement of innovation and research for humanity throughout the Mediterranean region, highlighting Malta’s role as a knowledge hub between the EU and the region to support the ongoing expansion of the Maltese economy into an innovation-driven economy.
The Foundation is the home to Maltese-based innovators and researchers, with an already large pool of personnel engaged and dedicated to innovation and research, acting as a vehicle for their success and the Maltese R&I index. The current research, technology and dissemination activities are related to renewable energy, electric mobility, vision techniques and technology transfer and has established a network of experienced experts, active public and private entities in the field throughout the country and beyond.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project, in collaboration with other partners, aims to explore and analyse the needs of all relevant stakeholders and find effective ways to maximise stakeholder acceptance of frugal EVs. The analysis will focus on fleet management including circular economy and modularity principles for simplified, low-cost maintenance and repair for different markets. Based on the results, an innovative Mission Suitability and Social Index will be developed to synthesise stakeholder needs for mobility systems integrating frugal EVs. will carry out the assessment of costs and potential of the project.