Cleantron, based in the Netherlands, is a leading developer and producer of Li-ion Battery Modules and Systems. Our ISO-certified production and expertise in mechanical solutions ensure top-quality modules. Cleantron’s battery packs are applied across diverse market sectors, including Industry, Non-road applications, and Electric Mobility.
In the Electric Mobility market, Cleantron specialises in manufacturing batteries for light electric vehicles such as last-mile delivery vehicles, electric motorcycles, and microcars. Additionally, Cleantron produces Scalable High Voltage battery packs for industrial and non-road applications.
Cleantron develops in-house Battery Management Systems (BMS) are on SoH and SoF which predictive maintenance and advanced IoT function.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

Li-ion batteries are the key component in drivetrain electrification. Within the GIANTS project Cleantron will develop and engineer battery modules, ensuring scalability and reliability for the use in different vehicle categories. The key responsibility within the GIANTS project is to lead with other partners the definition of an energy-optimal ecologically e-driveline solution, which fulfills stakeholders and users requirements in advanced and emerging markets. Furthermore, Cleantron will support on the development of standardised in-vehicle docking station and external charging stations.