Demo Sites

A major focus of the project lies in setting up Living Labs across multiple Demo Sites in Europe, Africa and Asia to showcase the practicality of the developed GIANTS solutions.

The GIANTS Living Labs will be real-life test beds for the platform innovations, which will enable the project to demonstrate its usability in different operating environments. Mobility users and providers will be actively involved to co-create innovations and test the effectives of e-mobility technologies and services to ensure they meet user needs and are viable and fit into the local context.

Living Labs will be established in Brugge (Belgium), Stockholm (Sweden), Kisumu (Kenya), Delhi (India) and Manila (Philippines), following the objective to boost sustainable passenger and freight transport, but with different technical and operational setups to address the different socio-economic contexts. Several configurations of GIANTS building blocks for various applications in both people and goods transport will be tested in real-life conditions within the Living Labs.


The Stockholm Living Lab will feature CleanMotion vehicles together with last mile Swedish service provider Bzzt, transporting goods, groceries and ready meals in variable package sizes.

The Bruges Living Lab will focus on the application of SQUAD Mobility vehicle concepts, which will be tested in city logistics operations in cooperation with logistics companies and also local vendors and restaurants. The GIANTS vehicles will be made available for goods transport at varying sizes, groceries and food. Battery swapping and charging will be done at a vehicle hub and the vehicles can be booked through a MaaS app.

The Delhi Living Lab will focus on showcasing the potential for electrification of the vast fleet of auto rickshaws. A small fleet of up to 6 vehicles built from GIANTS platform concept based on CleanMotion and TUX vehicles, including swappable batteries, charging- and swapping station will provide shuttle services between residential areas, public transport stations, shopping and office locations. Charging and swapping of batteries will be in shopping mall premises. Swapable battery pack and a charging station will be provided by Cleantron.

The Kisumu Living Lab will aim to connect sub-urban and peri-urban areas in an efficient way, showcasing the effective role micro-mobility solutions can play for passenger and freight transport. Intermittent electricity supply, which may affect the viability of e-mobility solutions, will be addressed though off-grid charging and energy storage solutions, which will further be fostered through the solar PV roof concepts of the GIANTS platform.

The Manila Living Lab will start with the integration of key components of the GIANTS platform into a vehicle from a local SME (ToJo Motors). The finished vehicles will be integrated into passenger and freight transport services in the area of Pasig City in Metro Manila. In modular mobility hubs GIANTS platform-based vehicles will be made available to logistics providers and passenger transport services providers.